All Dishes are Made to Order from Scratch

Black Beans, Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Tortillas Available Upon Request

Free Chips and Homemade Salsa Included with Each Entree


Classic Guacamole$9.50
Red Chile Chicken Flautas
Chicken rolled in three crispy corn tortillas. Served w/ grilled pineapple pico & chipotle sauce.
Chile Blackened Green Beans
Pan blackened with our homemade chile spice rub. Served w/ creole remoulade dipping sauce
Smokey Black Bean Soup$5.00
Mini Burritos
Two mini burritos w/ beans, cheese & your choice of chicken, beef, spinach, or grilled vegetables. Served w/ chipotle sauce
Yucatan Chicken Finger
Golden fried marinated chicken cutlets. Served w/ chipotle sauce
Queso Fundido
Mexican cheeses melted & served in a hot skillet with sauteed corn, avocado & chorizo. Vegetarian version available


Black Bean & Guacamole
w/ monterey jack & pickled jalapeños
Grilled Skirt Steak
Monterey jack, refried beans, guacamole & pickled jalapeños.


Black beans, whole wheat tortillas & brown rice are available upon request

Monterey Jack & Black Beans
w/ garlic spinach, grilled veggies or guacamole add $2
w/ grilled chicken, shrimp, or shredded beef add $3
Quesadilla Enorme
a large quesadilla w/ black beans, guacamole,
crema, jalapeños, chipotle sauce & your choice of
grilled chicken, vegetables, shredded beef, garlic spinach, or shrimp


Two enchiladas served w/ red rice & refried beans

Chipotle sauce, monterey jack and your choice of
chicken, beef, garlic spinach, cheese or grilled vegetable
Salsa verde, crema, monterey jack, and your choice
of chicken, beef, cheese, garlic spinach or grilled vegetable
Red chile sauce, cheese & your choice of grilled vegetables,
garlic spinach or monterey jack. Served w/ guacamole
Four Cheese
Four cheeses covered w/ salsa verde, red chile sauce, & crema
Mole poblano, chihuahua cheese, queso cotija & your choice of
chicken, beef, pork or garlic spinach.


Flour tortilla filled w/ refried beans, red rice, monterey jack,
crema, guacamole & choice of chicken, pork, beef or garlic spinach
Classic Vegetarian
Flour tortilla filled w/ refried beans, red rice, montere/y jack,
crema & guacamole. Served mild or spicy.
El Dorado
Grilled portabellos, spinach, sweet plantains & monterey jack. Covered with
red chile sauce, crema & queso cotija. Served w/ red rice & black beans.
Shredded chicken, sweet plantains & monterey jack covered w/ mole poblano
& queso cotija. Served w/ red rice & refried beans
Steak Vaquero
Skirt steak, black beans, red rice, corn, monterey jack & pickled red onion.
Covered w/ crema & avocado-tomatillo salsa
BBQ Duck
Roasted duck in our tequila- habanero barbeque sauce, black beans,
crema & monterey jack, wrapped in two tomato tortillas.
Served w/ red rice, black beans & grilled pineapple pico


Three tacos in hard or soft shell served w/ red rice & refried beans

Carnitas al Pastor
Pork shoulder, salsa tomatillo & pineapple pico
Fish Tacos
Beer battered cod, pickled red onion, lime crema & slaw.
Grilled Skirt Steak
Covered w/ tomatillo-avocado salsa and queso cotija.


Two deep fried burritos filled w/ refried beans & monterey jack.
Choice of chicken, beef, pork, garlic spinach, or chipotle garlic shrimp.
Served with guacamole, crema, red rice & refried beans
Grilled Chicken Breast Chipotle
Served w/ black beans, red rice & chipotle sauce
Tostada Salad
Black beans, monterey jack, guacamole and farm greens
in a roasted jalapeno-lime vinaigrette on a crispy tortilla. $13
w/ grilled chicken $15 w/ grilled skirt steak
Chile Rellenos
Two roasted poblano peppers stuffed w/ your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, grilled veggies
or cheese in a roasted tomato cream sauce. Served w/ red rice & black beans.


served with guacamole, crema, monterey jack, rajas, onions & flour tortillas

Grilled Skirt Steak$21.00
Grilled Chicken$19.00
Grilled Green Chile Shrimp$20.00
Grilled Portabello & Vegetables$16.00


Vanilla Rum Flan$5.00
Sweet Plantain Splitw/ vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce & candied pecans$8.00
Warm Ancho Chocolate Torta
w/ strawberry coulis & coconut ice cream
Banana Chimis
w/ sauteed bananas fried in a flour tortilla and dipped
in cinnamon sugar. Served w/ marscarpone cheese


House Margarita
tequila, Triple sec & lime juice
Frozen or Flavored Frozen
rocks or neat $10.50
Half Pitcher – frozen or rocks $32
Full Pitcher – frozen or rocks $57
Flavored House Margarita
strawberry, mango, banana, blue, sour apple, melon, or peach
rocks or neat
Half Pitcher Flavored – frozen or rocks 34
Full Pitcher Flavored – frozen or rocks 59
EL Cantina
Don Julio Blanco, Patron Citronge & fresh lime juice
Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila, Triple Sec & lime juice
Chocolate Strawberry
Tanteo Cocoa Tequila, Triple Sec, strawberry puree & lime juice


Negra Modelo$6.00
Dos Equis Amber$6.00
Corona Light$6.00
Modelo Especial$6.00
Dos Equis Lager$6.00
Stella Artois$6.00
Mexicali $6.00
Bud Light $5.50
Day of the Dead Mexican Craft Beer


   GlassHalf PitcherFull Pitcher
Red or White$8.00$22.00$39.00


Brewed Iced Tea$3.00
Senorial (non-alcoholic Sangria)$4.00
Pellegrino16 oz. $4 / 32 oz. $8


11:15 am – 4 pm Mon-Fri

Venice Burrito & Farm Greens
flour tortilla filled w/ refried beans, red rice, monterey jack, crema & guacamole
your choice of chicken, pork, beef orgarlic spinach
served w/ dressed salad
Vegetarian Burrito & Farm Greens
flour tortilla filled w/ refried beans, red rice, monterey jack,
crema & guacamole
served mild or spicy w/ dressed salad
Harvest Moon Burrito & Farm Greens
whole wheat tortilla filled w/ grilled vegetables, black bean & monterey jack topped w/ crema & pico de gallo
served w/ red rice & dressed salad
Arroz Con Pollo
chicken & rice simmered in a red chile sauce w/ spanish olives & roasted red peppers
Mini Burritos Chipotle
two mini burritos w/ beans, cheese & choice of chicken, beef, garlic spinach or grilled vegetables
served with chipotle and dressed salad
Tostada Salad
black beans, cheese, guacamole & farm greens in a roasted jalapeno-lime vinaigrette on a crispy tortilla
Tostada Salad w/ Grilled Chicken10.95
Tostada Salad w/ Steak13.95
Grilled Salmon Salad
chopped salmon, herbs, avocado & mixed greens dressed w/ raspberry vinaigrette & spicy pepitas
Enchiladas (Full Order)
chicken, beef, cheese, garlic spinach, or grilled vegetable covered w/ your choice of sauce: suiza, mole, red chili or chipotle
served w/ red rice & refried beans
Enchiladas (Half Order)$8.95



Clear and transparent, Blanco is fresh from the still & bottled immediately after distillation. It has the true snappy, peppery bouquet & flavor of the blue agave
Cabo Wabo Blanco
intense peppery bite
Casamigos Blanco
hints of citrus & vanilla
Don Diego Blanco
complex & aromatic
Don Julio Blanco
spicy bold hint of anise
El Tesoro Platinum
clear & sweet
Espolon Silve
bright & flavorful
Kah Blanco
sweet & peppery
Milagro Silver
smokey & intense
Partida Blanco
rich, sweet hint
Patron Silver


Blanco that has been kept(or rested) in oak vats called “pipones” for 2 months to a year. The oak barrels give Reposado a smooth, gentle heat & pale color.
Casamigos Reposado
hints caramel/cocoa
Corralejo Resposado
pepper & honey
Cuervo 1800 Resposado
hint of caramel
Don Julio Resposado
smooth & fruity
El Jimador Resposado
fresh oak & butter
El Tesoro Resposado
smooth & spicy
Espolon Resposado
rich & complex
Gran Centenario$10.00
Herradura Resposado
lemon, honey & vanilla
Kah Resposado
agave, vanilla & caramel
Milagro Resposado
smokey & full flavored
Partida Resposado
very smooth, rich
Patron Resposado
bright bite
Sauza Hornitos Resposado
hint of citrus


Blanco aged in white oak casks for over a year. The amber color and woody flavor are picked up from the oak develop ng the unique smooth taste
Casamigos Anejo
spice, vanilla/caramel
Casa Noble Anejo
exceptional bouquet
Cazadores Anejo
smoothly aromatic
Corazon Anejo
bright with vanilla hints
Don Julio Anejo
smokey with oak finish
El Tesoro Anejo
full & ballanced
Herradura Anejo
dark and rich
Kah Anejo
coffee, chocolate & tobacco
Milagro Anejo
soft & creamy
Patron Anejo
orange & spearmint tones
Sauza Conmemortivo Anejo
spice & oak
Sauza Tres Generaciones
peppery finish


a special Añejo to be sipped and savored. Aged 8 years & produced in limited quantities, this is a wonderfully aged taste similar to a fine cognac, but with a bite.
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
most excelente